As I look back at the past 10 weeks of fun, challenging, and sometimes tiring weekly writing and commenting assignments, I am thinking of the numerous hours I was on this site and learned something new or my mind was opened up. I was looking at my blog site and realized I published a whopping 21 posts. Out of those 21 only three were school based while others were a part of the challenges. Then, I took a peek at the comments section and I received 19 total comments. The post that received the most comments was my Halloween story which I think was because it was very detailed, spooky, and creative. The post that I enjoyed writing the post was the nature one because I got to write from my heart about something I am passionate about. My blog decorations are still the same as when I changed it for Halloween. It is scary but in a fun way. On my sidebar, I have five widgets which I think is the perfect amount because it fits everything a blog needs while not being cluttered. I have no students from overseas on my blogroll. My blog is creative and unique to fit me. The web tools I used to help with this blog are Google and other search engines which I used to research most of my topics.

Answers by my dad-

  1. What were your first impressions of this blog?: Aunt Abbey and her smile that seemed to bring joy and make me like the entire blog even more. Pizza:The Worldwide Phenomenon, that sounds interesting. I saw dialogue which indicates stories that make the blog more entertaining.
  2. What captured your attention?: The pictures, dialogue, and the titles because they caught my eye as I was scrolling down.
  3. What distracted you on the blog?: The things on the side, the widgets because they took away from the content in the middle.
  4. What suggestions can you give me to improve my blog?:I don’t think the posts are too long, but you can split the text within them into shorter paragraphs.                                                                                                                          Thanks to everyone who read my blog, until next blogging year!

Week 8

This week’s challenge is a game called ‘Count of Three’. First, a student will click on a blog on the student list or class list and count one. Next, he/she will click on a blog from that blogroll and count two. Finally, he/she will click on a blog from that blogroll and count three. It’s a piece of cake. These are the three blogs and comments I ended up with and wrote on different turns after step three.

Hey Bloggin Frogs,
It is so interesting to learn the depth of the creation of some of our most entertaining and exciting holidays. Do you think there are other holidays that have such dated background? Come visit my blog. Becca

Hey Emma,
Did you know that some historians believe that Betsy Ross did not actually make the American flag? I did this at my old school and it was so entertaining. Have fun! Come visit my blog.

Hey Jayden,
I like how you took interest in the future of animals. It is so depressing what humans are doing to affect the lives of animals. In some ways, the human race is very selfish. What is your favorite animal? Come check out my site.

Nature: It’s All Natural!

Imagine beautiful, brightly colored and decorated skies at night, with millions of twinkling balls of gas shining back at you. Imagine birds chirping with cries of delight and joy as they bundle up for the night. Imagine waves gently crashing in like hands waving goodnight. The sun sets yet it it is still so bright out. You open your eyes to see a waiter with half a coconut holding the sweet water that refreshes all. You slurp it up wanting to get all the sweetness in your mouth as soon as possible. Suddenly, the stars’ light guides you towards the glow of the bonfire. Gooey white melts off your metal stick burning it into the sugary crackers that already holds chocolate. After two hours of filling yourself with marshmallows and sweet cocoa bars, you head off to your bedroom on your dreamy, cloud-like bed. You wake up to more sounds of singing from your bird neighbors. They welcome you to the new day just like the bright, bold sun. The ocean invites you into its mysterious depth. You grab the striped board that you trust your life with. You trust it to hold you up against the fierce waves pulling and pushing you under. Once you are soaked and have had enough swallowed water for that moment, you head back to your lounge chair. You began to bake your body. You fall into a deep sleep. Instantaneously, you jerk forward and realize it was all a dream. Disappointed, you sink back into your school chair as the teacher repeats once again,”I asked you what is the answer to number four,”

“Uh, uh, uh. I don’t know,” you stammer.

“I didn’t think so,” the teacher responds. “If you can stop drooling on your desk, let’s get back to the lesson.”

Discouraged and forced to be brought back to reality, you think of last summer in Hawaii when surfing and sleeping was all that mattered. In Hawaii, the plants and animals were very diverse. Nature is amazing, but in the city and suburban towns, it is destroyed by pollution and bright lights. It is important to travel to exotic places with exotic wildlife to experience what we don’t have in the city. It can help us move forward in restoration of wildlife. Everything nowadays is man-made and processed, but nature is all natural.

My Five Comments

Hey Daisy,
I live in America where hamburgers and hot dogs are kind of our thing. Have you ever tried American food? I think you might enjoy it. I have tried Chinese food and it is delicious.

From China-

I really like this video you added to your blog. I think it is a touch on a blog that I would definitely use. It is a great addition! Can you believe those fails in the video?

From Australia-

Hey Moses,
I never knew where bacon originated and I never expected it to be from Germany. I LOVE bacon. It has such a flavorful taste when cooked right.

From the Philippines-

Hey Dylan,
I’ve never really known much about rugby because in the US(where I live) we focus on American football and soccer. It is interesting to learn about a player from a sport I’ve never watched.

From New Zealand-

Hey Brittany,
I am from the US. It is so cool and interesting to see what students in other countries are learning. In math, I am learning slopes and the equations to go with it: y=mx+b. We haven’t gotten that far. What is your favorite part of math?

From Canada-

Those are my five comments from people of different countries.

Favorite Foods

In the comments please choose which type of food is your favorite.

Either A. Italian-Pizza, pasta,etc…

B. Mexican-Tacos, burritos, enchiladas, etc…

C. Indian-A mixture of spicy and sweet

D. Chinese-Orange Chicken, Chow Mein, etc…

E. Japanese-SUSHI

F. French-savory fish, chicken dishes, delectable beef stews, bonbons, etc…

G. American- BBQ, hamburgers, hot dogs,etc…

H. Thai- Herbs, vegetables, many specials, etc…

I. English- Roast dinner, shepherds pie, fish and chips, pork pie, toad in the hole, rhubarb crumble, apple eves pudding, key lime pie,scones, custard,etc…

J. Greek- dolma, lentil soup, olives, etc…

Put the letter of your favorite country of food in the comment section below.

Pizza-The Woldwide Phenomenon

Many children and adults are dealing with obesity. What is a main cause of this problem? Pizza. Pizza might be the greatest cause of obesity said a recent study from the University of Illinois. Children take in more fat, calories and salt on days when they eat pizza, compared to periods when they ate any othe food. Strangely, the research team found that when pizza was eaten as a snack it was less healthy than when consumed as a meal. Trailing only bread-baked desserts, pizza is the second-most popular category of food among children in the United States. It’s a very common and convenient food, so improving the nutritional content of pizza, added to the reduction the amount of pizza eaten, could help lessen its negative nutritional impact,” Lisa M. Powell of the University of Illinois at Chicago said.  Some people say that the unhealthy part of pizza comes from the cheese. It includes partly skimmed milk, modified milk ingredients, bacterial cure, salt, microbial enzyme, calcium chloride, cellulose, and natamycin. There is a rule that states that if you can’t pronounce an ingredient in something, it is probably not good for you. Don’t get caught up in the woldwide phenomenon. So, think twice before you have that next slice.EPSN3899Creative Commons License Helen Penjam via Compfight


My Halloween Night

There is magic in the night when pumpkins glow by moonlight. “The only thing we have to fear is fear itself”-Franklin D. Roosevelt…and spiders. Halloween is the one day of the year where you can scare somebody and not get hurt, most of the time. Halloween is when you can pretend to be somebody you’re not. You put a mask on and suddenly you have a different personality based on the costume. Every Halloween, my family gets invited to my brother’s best friend’s house. We were first invited over when my brother was in kindergarten. It is not actually the friend’s house, it is his grandparents’ home. They live in a gated community, and everybody is so nice with giving out king sized candy bars. I am the oldest so the adults trust me to go out with the boys and watch them. The parent don’t feel like keeping up with the candy crazed children, but I do. After that exciting trick or treating adventure, we trade candy to get our favorite kind. It is so much fun because we have food, candy, and the grandparents are very nice. Overall, Halloween is a very fun adventure.


Icy fingers gripped my arm in the darkness. As I whipped my head around to get a glimpse of the creature, it disappeared back into the darkness. Cackles came from somewhere off in the distance, laughing at me. The darkness seemed to lure me in, into what I did not know. I inched forward hoping not to disturb any more animals. I fell hard and on to something. It’s wet and slimy tentacles pulled me closer to the end of my life. This was it. The end. Suddenly, as I unclasped my eyelids from being shut, I saw something unfamiliar. Light, the sun. It seemed to be getting closer and closer as I leaped toward it. But something was weird. As I reached what I thought was sunlight, it disappeared. The creature grinned with all one hundred of his bloody teeth. I crawled into his mouth as he pushed me further and further. This creature was my demise. As I enter his slimy mouth, liquid began to flow out. Acid, I tell myself. The acid was so strong that it went through my closed eyes as it stung like a bee. “AH!!” I screamed. This was it, my last moment of being alive. Out of the nowhere, the creature was cut open as I slid out with guts all over me. I looked around to see the same scene I saw before I was in the creature. How could this be? Who helped me? Was someone here? I thought. I turned around to see nothing but darkness. Where is my mysterious saviour? All of a sudden I feel a sensation as if I am falling. And then everything is gone and I’m sitting in an office with someone facing me. They say to me that this is only the beginning of what will become much worse. I shudder with fear as to what is coming. He also tells me his name it’s Joseph. Joseph tells me that I need to stay strong, no matter what he tells me or what happens. I don’t really remember anything, so that shouldn’t be hard for me. Then it hits me like a brick. All of my memories of my home, my mother, my father, my sister. Where were they? What had happened? I may never know, it will always just be a


Parent Takeover-Mom

I was young when my grandmother, Gwen Cohen, moved to Florida.  She lost her husband, my grandfather, and her closest sister within the same year.  That year was 1971, a year after I was born.  My grandmother was a beautiful, energetic and compassionate woman who always seemed younger than she was.  Our family used our school vacation to visit her in Palm Beach, FL, an amazing destination to spend quality time.  We would fly from Boston during those blistery cold winters of New England.  One visit I remember vividly was the time we spent 2 weeks there because of the Blizzard of ’78.  I got very sick, and I remember my grandmother staying with me the whole time, taking care of me, so others could enjoy the warm weather.  It was this time that sticks like glue, and that moment propelled me to start coming by myself to visit her, and sharing more special moments.  My grandmother only came to Boston in the summer time to visit.  Who blames her when it was so miserable in New England.  My grandmother lived an amazing life in Florida and built so many friendships.  We would go visit and her friend aka her second family really took care of her.  We often resented, or maybe it was disappointment, that my grandmother was not able to spend so many special times with us.  This all changed when she got remarried to a man from Boston, and they soon visited more as they were aging.  When her husband passed away, she decided to move back to Boston to be near her family.  She moved 5 minutes from my house, and 15 from my cousins.  This is the time when I was able to regain a better relationship with her.  We shared many great conversations, and she was biggest fan and supporter.  I decided to move to Los Angeles, but continued coming back to visit her.  I remember her smile every time I saw her, and also remember our phone conversations from afar.  Eventually, I got married and had children.  She was able to come to my wedding and spend about 5 years with my children.  My kids remember her, and she was happiest with the.  She passed away at 94 years old, but I got to see her a few months before.  It was hard to see her getting old, not being so active, but she always remembered me.  Secretly, I think I was her favorite.

My Beloved Aunt

It is very unfortunate when people pass. Family and friends say goodbye to the one who died. My aunt passed away in 2011. I didn’t spent a lot of time with her because she lived in Massachusetts. She was my aunt on my mom’s side by marriage. All of my mom’s family lives back east. I did not really know her, but to my mom she was very special. She was my mom’s matron of honor at her wedding. Abby, my aunt, was my mom’s best friend. My mom says that Abbey was funny, easygoing and motivated. She owned her own advertising company that was in the top 10 in Boston. Abbey was a great mother to her three children. She is greatly missed.Sadly, she died of a heart attack going out for a run.When my mom got the phone call she started screaming and crying at the same time. It was devastating. You don’t know what you have until it’s gone.  IMG_0138

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